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    Email Subject: Sustain Governor Hogan's Veto of HB 732

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    Dear [Legislator],

    As a Marylander and concerned constituent, I am urging you to sustain Governor Larry Hogan’s veto of House Bill 732, the $250 million digital ad tax.

    This past year has been incredibly difficult for everyone. Right now, the last thing we need is another tax that makes doing business more expensive than it already is in Maryland.

    Whether intended or not, HB 732 will raise taxes on any business or person who uses digital advertising. With COVID-19 still surging, and small businesses struggling to stay open, it is hard to imagine a worse time for the Maryland General Assembly to take this action.

    Even the legislators who pushed this bill admitted the “reality of the system” is that these taxes and costs will be pushed down on small businesses throughout the state. The collateral damage will be the hard-working Marylanders fighting to survive during these trying times.

    For the sake of your constituents, and all Marylanders, do not override Governor Hogan’s veto and implement this tax. Please, use your position to make life easier for struggling Marylanders, not harder. This is a bad time for a bad idea.

    Thank you for your time and your consideration of my request. I look forward to getting your response.


    [Your Name]

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